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5 Important Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

You need to have a reliable and efficient heating system in order to have a comfortable and healthy home environment. As most business owners and homeowners know, a critical aspect of keeping a property’s furnace in optimum condition is to have HVAC professionals perform regular maintenance on the system.

Unfortunately, even a furnace that is well-maintained might still occasionally break down. Although a furnace system might not have completely stopped working, there are usually early warning signs that you should watch for that can indicate that something is wrong with the system. Having repairs done sooner instead of later can definitely save you the hassle of having to go without having a functioning heater and can also reduce the cost of repairs. The following are some warning signs you should look for to indicate that your furnace is in need of repair:

1. Increased Heating Bills

One sure sign that your heating system isn’t functioning at its optimum efficiency is high electric bills. As heaters age, they often start to lose their effectiveness if they are not maintained properly. This can result in your system running long in order to produce the same amount of heating which can cause your electric bill to increase. If you need to have a professional to help you with heating repair or maintenance, our HVAC technicians have all of the necessary knowledge and equipment to determine what the problem is and advise on what steps need to be taken.

2. Your Thermostat Stops Working

Another sure signing that your furnace needs to be repaired is when you keep turning the heat up, but it doesn’t appear to make a big difference. Whether the malfunction is due to loose wiring or electrical problems, contact a trained and experienced HVAC technician in order to get your broken thermostat fixed right away.

3. Yellow Flame

A blue flame will be distributed by your furnace when it is working properly. When the flame turns to yellow, that is a warning sign that your heating system might be leaking carbon monoxide. For people who inhale it, that is very dangerous. You need to have an expert inspect your unit to prevent any further damage and danger.

4.Strange Sounds

One of the main red flags that your system is in need of repair is when it starts to make strange sounds. If you heard any screeching, humming, popping or banging, that might be a warning sign that parts of your unit, or the whole thing, need to be replaced.

5. Gas Smells

An old furnace has a high risk of the heat exchanger developing cracks inside the furnace. If you smell a gas leak, it is critical to immediately shut the system down and contact a professional HVAC technician right away.

To prevent having unnecessary furnace repair, make sure your furnace is in optimal working condition before the winter season begins. It is essential to have maintenance done to your furnace on a regular basis to lengthen its life and ensure that it works at its highest possible efficiency.

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