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5 Tips For Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Furnace

Your heating system works very hard to keep your house comfortable and warm. The following are a couple of steps that you can take in order to increase the efficiency of your furnace and enjoy the benefits of less expensive monthly energy bills and a home that is heated more evenly.

1. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan – Hot air rises. Therefore, a ceiling fan can be used to circulate warm air inside a room. The fan direction should be changed so that it spins clockwise. To push the warm air down to the floor from the ceiling, use the lowest setting on your fan.

2. Clear the Vents – When airflow into rooms is restricted it can reduce furnace efficiency and place stress on the heating system. Take a walk through your home and make sure that none of the registers or vents are blocked by curtains or furniture and clean out any accumulated debris or dust.

3. Use a Smart Thermostat – Reducing the temperature when you are away from home can result in significant savings all winter long. A smart thermostat adjusts your home’s temperature automatically for you, reducing it after everyone has left the house and increasing it right before you return home.

4. Change your Furnace Filter – It is recommended that the filter be checked every month and replaced as needed. When a furnace is run with a clogged filter that restricts airflow and causes your system to have to work harder, and potentially overheat or breakdown. It may decrease indoor air quality as well, which can affect people who have breathing problems or allergies.

5. Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up – One of the best things you can do to help prevent breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your furnace is to have maintenance done on a yearly basis. An experienced technician will inspect the system thoroughly, clean the components, make necessary adjustments, and address all issues. When preventative maintenance is performed it can help expand your furnace’s lifespan and assure you that your system will heat your house reliably all winter long.

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