8 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

There are things in our life that require immediate replacement – like when your favorite pair of jeans gets ripped or when your car lets out a shrieking sound as you cruise down the road. And then there are things that require changing even before they go totally kaput – your heating system being one of them.

In spite of the fact that it’s a lot more budget-friendly to replace a furnace before it dies, many homeowners are reluctant to shell out the dollars for a new furnace before they know for sure that their heating system absolutely can no longer do its job. But that reluctance could cost you a lot more than you think when your old furnace goes in the dead of the winter and destroys the drywall, pipes, or even the carpet in your home.

So, when do you know it’s time to make that furnace replacement? Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace the furnace.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If your furnace makes you more acquainted with the furnace repair technicians than your own family, it’s time to part ways and get your home a new and efficient heating system. There are certainly some quick fixes and cleaning techniques you can do to extend the life of your furnace which includes some service calls and paying for some parts, but the truth is you are simply putting off the unavoidable. The amount you spend on those recurrent repairs can be expensive – something that you could put aside for the cost of a replacement furnace. A furnace can only live around 8 – 12 years and when it starts demanding more repairs than it should, it’s definitely a sign you need to get a new one.

Increased Energy Bills

Is there an unusual increase in your energy bills? If your energy bill is rising and it certainly isn’t because of the bone-chilling cold outside or a consequence of a city-wide rate increase, it may be because your heater is lagging. Your heating system’s engine may no longer have the ability to provide the proper warmth like it used to. As a homeowner, you can check for possible filter issues or do some basic fix to get this addressed. However, if everything has been checked out, this is indeed a sign you need a replacement furnace.

Heating Inconsistencies

Another sign that you need a furnace replacement is the inconsistency of temperatures from one room to another. If your furnace used to equally distribute warmth in all rooms but no longer does, your heating system might be having some issues. Keep in mind that the make and design of a room also affects the temperature inside. It is highly recommended that you call in the experts to do a check up to determine what is causing the heating inconsistencies.

Irregular Furnace Cycle

The cycling of a furnace is inevitable. However, when there is an incessant roaring up of your heating system that makes you reach out for your remote control so you can adjust the volume of what you are watching, it could mean that you need a new furnace. If your furnace cycles on and off irregularly, it might be a sign of a system failure. Then again, the irregular cycling may also be a sign of some leaks or an open window that you need to assess.

Encountering Humidity Problems

During the winter season, your home is prone to more humidity. Having a dehumidifier during the cold months can help you from getting your lips chapped and your skin dry. With that said, the humidity problems in your home may also be caused by an inferior heating system. If you are encountering humidity problems in higher levels than the usual, you have to do a thorough investigation. The humidity problems brought about by a furnace usually comes from the air it uses to combust and where it was drawn from. The least you can do is replace the exhaust and intake.

Excessive Noise from the Furnace

Your heating system’s cycling on and off is one thing; clanking noises coming from your furnace is another thing altogether. The cause of the clanking could be the unit itself such as a worn-out motor or it could be the pipes expanding and contracting. When this happens, it’s best to contact your local HVAC professional.

Dust and Soot Spurts Out

An easy issue to spot is when your HVAC system starts spurting out dust and soot. Although this could mean a very simple fix such as vacuuming out the dust, it can also mean a more serious problem with the ignitor or burning chamber.

Rust Around the Heating System

A little bit of rust on your furnace isn’t too big of a deal, but too much oxidation around your heating system can be an issue. The rust can eventually taint and corrupt the important parts of your HVAC system including the heat exchangers. If rust has already made its way into your heating system, it will not only cause some problems with your furnace, it can also spread pollutants in your home. The rust in your furnace is a sign of poor ventilation, poor humidity conditions, or excessive water temperature. A heating professional should address these issues before you make the decision to install a new furnace in order to avoid the same problems in the future.

Furnace replacement is indeed a large investment you make for your home. Although it is expensive, the return can be priceless – warm and comfortable home that you and your family will enjoy. In addition, lower utility bills will be a welcome addition thanks to energy-efficient HVAC systems!